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Welcome again!

I get back to bamboo storytelling again:)

The mystery of slow riding

During the first 3 days in Iran I've been cycling extreemly slow...

Settling in Iran


Iran is very well organized. So to survive there, you just need to get organized, too.

Got visa to Iran!

I have a visa to Iran! I have been dreaming about this for months, and waiting for it for over a month. So, this is it – the adventure has begun…

What a Polish girl can do!

I'm building a bamboo bike, learning some new skills in the meantime. I have recently learnt how to cut metal!

Talk to strangers!

If you plan to carry out a project like bamboo bike construction, do not follow your mother's wisdom. Take every chance to go out and talk to strangers!

From an idea to a project

A good idea needs to ripen. My bamboo bike waited for nearly two years before I went from phase 'thinking about it' to 'I'm doing it'.