Getting started

Welcome to my new blog! After almost three years of bloging in Polish, I decided to start an English website. 

Actually I got the inspiration to do so by one of my Iranian friends - Matin Lashkari ( Few days ago she wrote a comment below the album i posted on See You In Iran FB group: Dorota! As a blogger you owe it to us to write a few words about your visit:) 

Why not? 

So to make an introduction to my further writing - At the end of 2014 I decided to make one of my dreams to come true - that is to build a bamboo bike. Then new questions arose - where to go on that? I brought back another dream of mine, that i kept deep in my mind - Iran. So adding one to another you have the trip that Matin wants me to tell about.

To sum up

There's a moment in everybodies live that you have to built a bamboo bike otherwise you won't move anyfurther. 

So I did it.

And what about you?

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