What a Polish girl can do!

I'm building a bamboo bike, learning some new skills in the meantime. I have recently learnt how to cut metal!

As always, it's all because of Jarek:) Jarek Baranowski of Carbonbike.pl is the brain of my “Bamboo Bike” project. He's the one who knows what, where and when. And now…
“You need a hook for the rear wheel.”
“Do you have one?”
“No, you're going to make it yourself,” Jarek said and sketched a shape on an aluminium plate. And I'm supposed to cut it out? I looked up at Jarek and I had to ask no more; his eyes where telling me all I needed to know: “Who else?” Actually, Jarek didn't say a word. He simply handed me in a hand saw. He showed me how to grab it to come out with a decent cut. And there it went. After a few moves I realized working out in a gym is nothing when compared to this. A few minutes later I was huffing and puffing, and I didn't even get to the middle of my task! After an hour and a few apples and coffee breaks – there came my first success. The first cut was done. After one more hour the piece of metal started to look like a hook.

That, of course, was not the end. Now I had to smooth it up! They gave me a file, so here we go. This task was even harder, because I had no more strength in my right arm, and my left hand wasn't going to collaborate at all. I was doing my best to polish the metal, even though it seemed like I wasn't moving any further. It really put me through the hoop, but I did it! Yes, building a bicycle is somewhat like doing sports. First, you're exhausted, but then comes euphoria!

Today I'm going to the shop again. We're going to mount the hooks and the last tubes to the frame. This means Jarek will be holding them and I will do the mounting. I know I can do it because a Polish girl can do anything!:)

photo.: Piotr Gilarski gilarski.com
Bike workshop to like:) That's where I build my bamboo bike: carbonbike.pl 

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