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I get back to bamboo storytelling again:)

A lot has changed since my last post. So let's update with the Bamboo Cyclist.

I stopped the story in Iran. That was my bamboobike virgin trip. And I made it! When I came back and started to think of another trip. Where? Maybe to the place, i'd been dreaming of for at least few years when I saw a picture of  a stone age village. It was quite complicated to get there that time, because of the transportation. But things look different for the proud owner of the bamboo bike. So i set off for Scotlant and after an over a week long ride i reached Scara Brae (that is the name of the village).
Then i decided to take a rest. I left my bamboo bike at home and packed my backpack for Guatemala and after that for Georgia.
In the meanwhile I met Selim. He is crazy about bicycles. And got even more crazy about the bamboo bikes. At that time he was starting up in bicycle bussines. He was just about the opening his own workshop www.husabikes.com. So he said:
"I'm going to build a bamboo bike too".
So he did. But again, he had to ask Jarek Baranowski from Carbon Project for help. Jarek was the man behind my bike. It was him, who made a design, and supervised my work. Jarek Baranowski runs his own workshop, where he builds carbon handbikes. On his handbikes ciclists win paraolympiads. Probably there is noone in Europe who knows carbon better than Jarek. And carbon we used to fix the bamboo stics together forming the frame.
Finally after 3 months Selim complited his bamboobike and we went to Oman.
Now we are back in Poland. Ready to share our pictures with you and go on with bamboobike storytelling:)

Off roads in Oman

Selim on his Bamboobike in Oman

The Magnificent Two:)

Our Bamboobikes everywhere were in the centre of attraction

Me off the beaten tracks

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