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Hi! I'm Dorota. I'm a journalist, anthropologist and vagabond. Some time ago I decided to built a bamboo bike. As I had no idea about bikes, I searched for help and I found Jarek Baranowski from carbonbike.pl. He showed me how to work on bamboos, on carbon rovings and carbon fabrics, so after 9 months they all combine into a beautiful bike that would take me to Iran. Yes! That was my first trip ever on my bamboo bike and on bike in general.

Let me take you to the bike workshop, where i was building my bicycle. I want to show you Iran, I saw during my trip.

Im happy you are her with me! Enjoy:)

Meet my bamboo bike too. It took me 9 months to built it. Two days after it left the workshop we went to Iran. Just two of us - me and my bamboo bike:)

Actually I got the inspiration to start bloging in English from one of my Iranian friends - Matin Lashkari (travestyle.com). Few days ago she wrote a comment below the album i posted on See You In Iran FB group: Dorota! As a blogger you owe it to us to write a few words about your visit:)
"She's right" - I thought. Of coursem, I publish some stories on my Polish blog, I've been writing for last 3 years - alepieknyswiat.pl. But i cant't expect Matin nor my other non-Polish friends to read them. So...

Here I am!

Places I've been to before the Bamboo Bike Project:
Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Russia, Chechenya, Dagestan, Osetia, Russia, Egypt, Bali, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Marrocco, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Georgia, Turkey, Great Britain, Monaco, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Ireland...

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